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  • Dana Johnson Menétrey
    Certified medical masseuse
    ASCA approved therapist

    Rue du Château 24
    CH-1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

    T 076 380 35 03


    relaxing, deep tissue, sports massage

    back in shape


    for a better quality of life


    Possibility of massages at home or in the office
    (portable table available), massage in nature
    Relaxation massage
    Reduces stress, a relaxing massage for overall well-being

    Deep Tissue massage
    Deep massage concentrating on specific areas of tension
    Working mainly on connective tissues and articulations


    Sports massage
    Deep massage for sports recuperation and trigger points
    Preparing for intense sports activities


    Massage on the plantar region of feet or hands
    Working and on specific internal organs
    Maternity massage
    Specific massage for the special needs of pregnancy or recuperation
    Seated massage
    Massage to reduce nervous tensions and stress incuring in static and sitting poses
    Circulatory and draining massage
    Natural healing method that harmonizes the energies within the body
    Peeling and body wraps
    (on demand)

    Effects and benefits

    On the physical level

    • deep relaxation and stress reduction
    • reduces muscular tension and contractures
    • improves mobility and increases joint flexibility
    • improves ease and efficiency of movement
    • promotes fullness and ease of breathing
    • improves blood and lymphatic circulation
    • reduces blood pressure
    • reduces tension due to headaches and ocular hypertension
    • nourishes the skin
    • improves posture
    • accelerates the healing of muscle strains
    • stretches ligaments
    • reduces contractures, pain
    • reduces the formation of fibrous tissue
    • strengthens the immune system and maintains health

    On the mental level

    • relaxes the state of alertness
    • reduces mental stress, calms the mind
    • increases the ability to manage stress signals and respond appropriately

    On the emotional level

    • provides a sense of well-being
    • satisfies the need to be cared for and touched
    • improves ease of expression of emotions
    • improves self-image
    • increases the mind/body relationship
    • provides a feeling of being unified and in harmony


    60 minutes                                 
    90 minutes 
    5 massages 60 minutes     
    10 massages 60 minutes   
    5 massages 90 minutes     
    10 massages 90 minutes 
    CHF 120.–
    CHF 150.–
    CHF 545.–
    CHF 995.–
    CHF 720.–
    CHF 1500.–
    At your home (with portable table)
    60 minutes (up to 10 km)
    60 minutes (up to 20 km)                                                                  
    90 minutes (up to 10 km)   
    90 minutes (up to 20 km)                          
    10 massages 60 minutes   
    10 massages 90 minutes 
    CHF 135.–
    CHF 165.–
    CHF 170.–
    CHF 180.–
    CHF 1295.–
    CHF 1550.–
    At the office
    Seated massage

    Rates on request

    Movement therapy
    60 minutes personal program

    CHF 90.–

    Gift vouchers

    Free amount

    Massage courses

    Individual / group / training course

    Rates on request


    Each patient should first check with his or her insurance company if the therapy and the therapist chosen are covered by the supplementary insurance.



    Avenir Assurance Maladie SA
    (Avenir, CMBB, St. Moritz)


    PHILOS Assurance Maladie SA
    (Philos, Avantis, Fonction publique, Troistorrents, Panorama, EOS)


    Easy Sana Assurance Maladie SA
    (Caisse vaudoise, Hermes, Easysana)


    Mutuel Assurance Maladie SA
    (Mutuel, Universa, Natura)


    AMB Assurance-maladie et accidents





    SANITAS (Sanitas & Wincare)

    (ASCA therapists are only recognized for UNO+ supplementary insurance. DUE+ and SANFIT. CSS guidelines on complementary medicine. Billing information)

    (Only with NATURA which should not be confused with Natura R3)




    FKB – The Liechtenstein Health Insurance Fund

    (Only with COMPLETA EXTRA)

    (ASCA therapists are only recognized for COMPLETA EXTRA supplementary insurance.)

    Getting back in shape

    Mouvement therapy
    Getting back in shape
    Strengthening of the spine
    Specific exercises for back pain
    Posture improvement
    Joint mobilization through breathing
    Relaxation positions


    Personalized programs to tone the body
    Preparation for sports activities
    Girding and strengthening of the abdominal belt

    Experience in preparing and monitoring top-level athletes
    Claudia Bernasconi (running) 
    Caroline Ulrich (mountaineering)
    Didier Chauvin (cycling)


    About me


    Born and raised in California, sports and dance was a big part of my life growing up. At an adult age I received my Associate Arts Degree in Dance. Later, with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the pocket, I decided to leave for Europe to audition for various dance companies. Dancing for more than a decade, traveling, rehearsing and experiencing the strain of a dancer’s life took a toll on my body. During that time, I frequently reached out from fellow dancers in the companies and visa versa for massage and different other methods to relieve muscle tension. 
    It was naturally that massage therapy merged into my professional career. I decided to return to the USA to study anatomy, physiology and therapeutic massage, obtaining various diplomas and receiving my professional massage license. 
    Settling down in Switzerland I continued studying Reflexology and Medical Massage Therapy. Establishing my massage therapy institute at Come Back Physical Therapy in La Tour de-Peilz, I have had the opportunity to work as a therapist for the last twenty years in an inspiring and highly professional environment. Since then, I have also integrated other movement therapies for posture, mobilisation and preventive care for back problems. For athletes I offer physical preparation, body strengthening, recovering and breathing and relaxation techniques. My massages are for everyone who takes care of his/her well-being.
    I have recently re-located Vita-Balance Massage Therapy to a beautiful, calm and private space with garden at Rue du Château 24, La Tour de-Peilz.


    I look forward to welcoming you to Vita-Balance!

    Dana Johnson Menétrey


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    To make an appointment or for more information please contact me via the form or by phone: 076 380 35 03

    Schedules and access

    Monday and Tuesday 8am – 8pm
    Wednesday 1pm – 8pm
    Thursday upon request


    Home treatments every Wednesday morning or by appointment.